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Want an intelligent way to unleash your people's potential that's not artificial?

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AI may be revolutionising business but when it comes to organisational and people development only a human centred approach with deep understanding and years of experience can give you with the acutely insightful solutions you and your people need in order to flourish. It's the fully tailored, authentically inspiring, approach you're guaranteed to receive from Headspace Coaching.  

Team Development & Team Coaching

How well does your team perform? Does it have the right balance? Are members aligned and putting the team's interests before their own?

I’ve experience at diagnosing what holds a team back and applying a blend of coaching, training, and mentoring, to enable any team to perform to its potential. 


I’ve even devised a unique tool to help managers and teams assess their performance. Download my 'Peak Experiences Triangle' PDF for free via the link:

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Corporate & Executive Coaching

Professional, independent, coaching. One of the best ways of supporting managers to perform to their potential and be an effective leader of their team. I've many years of experience coaching in organisations large and small and can:

  • Deliver one to one corporate executive coaching to you or your preferred staff.

  • Train managers in coaching in person, or via a masterclass (see below). 

  • Help your organisation to develop a coaching culture.

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"It was great to meet you and to get your support on our management day. I believe having someone external to support and facilitate is of great benefit." Simon Godfrey, Managing Director, Ecovision Asset Management

Leadership & Management Training

In this era of hybrid working it’s never been more important that leaders and managers possess the right skills to cope with the many pressures of their role and enable their teams to perform to their potential. Yet only half of managers are rated as effective with poor management commonly cited among the top five reasons people leave their job.  


I can design and deliver tailored training solutions depending on your need, or why not choose one of my online masterclasses?

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Workshop Facilitation

Your company’s vision, mission and values need to compel to unite and inspire your people.


I’m experienced in the design and delivery of engaging workshops which facilitate teams to clarify, or redefine, their purpose so you can develop a strategy everyone is behind and will go the extra mile for. Sessions are delivered in person or online and are always engaging.

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Online Masterclasses

My half-day fully interactive online masterclasses offer quick, effective solutions to empower leaders and managers to raise their capability in the following areas and can be customised to your specific needs.  Only £179 per person. 

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Coaching Skills

  • Courageous Conversations

  • Time Management

Please contact me for more information. 


Today it’s not enough to convert browsers into customers. To be really successful you need to convert customers into followers and engage your employees too, so they’ll promote your brand.


My creative, thought provoking, blogs and SEO optimised copy will help you do both, in a way no AI can better. So get in touch whatever you want good copy for - websites, brochures, company literature (etc) or visit my sister site Wilkowriting

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Culture Surveys and Employee Engagement consultancy

Your people are your most important asset and promoter of your brand so developing and maintaining a positive culture with strong employee engagement is vital.  But how do you know what your employees really think about you and your organisation for an effective strategy to keep them loyal before they've displayed their feelings through average to poor performance or by leaving for a competitor? Employees rarely answer honestly when you're doing the asking.  

Me and my business partner Silke Brittain of ClearVoice are expert in the design and delivery of culture surveys which reveal what employees really think because they're communicating with an independent third party.  We can support you to develop an effective culture and engagement strategy (as well as make other interventions) to correct any issues and build your resilience against future changes made either by you or the market.  Clients include major companies but we also work with SMEs. Contact me to learn more.

“We contracted Silke Brittain and Mark Wilkinson to comprehensively survey our company culture and report on how we could improve it. The professionalism and thoroughness of their approach and amount of strategic insights they were able to provide surpassed our expectations. Thanks to their guidance our Leadership Team has developed a more robust culture and employee experience strategy and implemented a number of important changes. These have boosted employee satisfaction and productivity, and improved staff retention, at a significant cost saving to the business. We’d highly recommend Silke and Mark to others seeking to improve their workplace culture and employee experience.”

Paddy Morrissey, Interim CEO, Abtran

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Thanks for your interest. I will reply as soon as possible. Mark

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