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Coaching Services

Clarity. Perspective. Presence. Calmness. Confidence. Results clients typically report after coaching because of its ability to give you headspace. Whatever is troubling you, whatever change you want to make, I’ll enable you to discover your solution, and - most importantly – make it a reality. 


I provide professional one to one performance and 'transition' coaching to personal and corporate clients. Take one-off sessions to help you or your team solve a niggly problem, or undertake a programme of 3 – 6 sessions, better when the change or goal is greater so requires more work. Sessions can be held wherever you like, in person, remotely, or even on foot.  

Performance / Life Coaching

Career & Transition Coaching  from Headspace Coaching
  • Think you're not fulfilling your potential or getting what you want out of life?

  • Find you think or behave in ways which hold you back?

  • Want help to change?

  • Want to get key areas of your life in better balance?

Personal performance - or life - coaching is one of the best ways to transform your life, or any aspect of it, so it's closer to how you want it to be.  I've over ten years experience enabling people - like you - to achieve their goals, as supported by my many testimonials. I combine strong intuition with a thoughtful direct style and am tenacious to make sure any inner journey is matched by outer achievements. 

Peak Experiences Triangle 

The Peak Experiences Triangle is a diagnostic tool unique to Headspace Coaching that helps you assess whether you’re doing enough of what really satisfies you. 


You plot all the things you do, estimate where your time goes, and the resulting activity map enables you to discover whether you've got the right balance to your life, work, or career, so you can take corrective action. Download a PDF copy completely FREE by clicking on the image. Instructions are on the back. You can read more about it on my Blog

Peak Experienes Triangle.jpeg

“This took me to a place I didn’t know I needed to go”   Paul Wilman, Bristol

Career & Transition Coaching

  • Not sure where to take your career next?

  • Have a hunch about what would really satisfy you and want to ground-truth it and devise a plan to make it happen?

  • Don't like your current occupation and want help to decide what you can do about it?

  • Quite like where you're at but want to explore ways of making it more satisfying?

I specialise in assisting people to make successful career and life transitions, and use a full-proof method that yields results. Contact me to learn how I can help you discover and transition to the career of life you really want. ​

Walking Coaching

Walkoaching walking (2)_edited.jpg

Walking in nature is proven to support the neurology by reducing stress and enabling you to think better. It improves coaching outcomes. Cornwall is blessed with great places to walk. Why not try one or more sessions and discover for yourself? You can even arrange to have coaching by phone while you walk, if that’s more convenient.   

For Corporate & Executive Coaching please see my Business Services page.

If interested in any of my coaching services please contact me to arrange a free introductory consultation.  

Contact Me

Thanks for your interest. I will reply as soon as possible. Mark

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