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Life Re-creation Wellbeing Retreats

How can 


learn to improve your wellbeing to be 

happier, and



in just one weekend?

These retreats aim to give you the answer to this quickly, effectively, and enjoyably. You’ll be guided by Mark, your course leader and host, on a journey of personal discovery in a small group of like-minded individuals.


You'll learn and discover through a mix of discussion, coaching, training and exercises, within the relaxed setting of ‘Penwithe’, and on walks in the vibrant seaside town of Falmouth, Cornwall. Eat good food, enjoy a superb environment, and have fun, too.


Crucially, you'll come away with a simple plan for improving your wellbeing and living longer that you’re motivated to implement because your actions are realistic, achievable, and right for you. 

​Early Summer Wellbeing Weekend   

  • For 4 - 8 people.

  • Book now for 22 - 23 June, 2024

  • Stimulating, interactive content with walks and time to socialise. 

  • Group meals and refreshments.

  • Free workbook.

  • Residential and non-residential options to suit most budgets.

What you'll cover

You’ll begin on Saturday with Part 1 ‘You’. After introductions you’ll be guided through a series of workshops on what you alone can do to improve mind and body, including how to live more in the present, cultivate a healthy mind and brain, move, eat, rest more optimally, and shed stress.


We’ll go for a nice walk, and you’ll enjoy a tasty nutritious dinner inspired by the food of world’s longest lived people, with your fellow course participants.


You’ll begin Sunday morning by workshopping Part 2 ‘Your worlds, tribes, and connections’. This will enable you to identify steps for improving wellbeing that concern your relationships - community, tribe, family, and connections (etc) - a major area of wellbeing and longevity. You’ll have a quick break and we’ll wrap up Part 2 with a summary of more wellbeing hacks from the world of positive psychology and beyond.


You’ll then begin Part 3 ‘Your life and the meaning you give it’ with a workshop on Accomplishment, Meaning & Purpose & Ikigai, followed by a Cornish pasty lunch and walk and talk. You’ll be guided in an exercise that enables you to identify what really matters to you in life so that you can live more purposefully. We’ll wrap up the weekend with a review of your draft action plan and guidance on how to make your commitments a reality.

Enjoy a light and airy workshop environment.

Find your purpose and what matters to you, and burn what is no longer serving you.

What's Included

  • Your accommodation (if booking residential option).

  • Free workbook in which to make notes that summarises the key information.

  • Hot and cold refreshments and snacks.

  • Dinner on the Saturday evening. 

  • Breakfast (if staying) and lunch on the Sunday.

  • Use of the house including the kitchen.

  • Free lift to the train station on departure.


“This took me to a place I didn’t know I needed to go”   Paul Wilman, Bristol

What's good about it

  • You’ll learn many of the key recommendations and tools for improving wellbeing, living longer, and flourishing in a way that’s easy to digest and inspiring. 

  • It’s practical with a strong emphasis on you taking away ‘just one thing’ you’ll be motivated to try out from each facet of wellbeing.  

  • The small group size means you get personal attention while having others to share your experience with.

  • Its relaxed and informal vibe. You’ll feel at home because the course venue is literally your host’s home.

  • You’ll enjoy great hospitality and eat tasty nutritious food with your fellow participants.

  • Falmouth is a great place, with capacity to relax or enliven mind, body and spirit. You’ll have opportunities to enjoy it during your free time, especially if you decide to stay a little longer.

  • The course is designed and led by somebody who is passionate about personal development and wellbeing and has made it their mission to support people with theirs; somebody who is amply qualified and experienced; someone who enjoys good health and wellbeing (and has stayed free of depression) by applying this knowledge to himself. 

This weekend is for you if you:

  • Want a fast-track introduction to boosting your mental and physical health and wellbeing and feel overwhelmed by all the information that’s available.

  • Are happy making learning your focus rather than detoxing and therapies.

  • Enjoy mixing with like-minded people on the same wellbeing journey.

  • Have been inspired by media and articles on the world’s longest lived people and would like to try to adopt their lifestyle choices.

  • Are interested in positive psychology and learning how to develop 'happiness habits'. 

Your Coach, Host & Venue

Me laughing 4 hi res.jpg

​Hello there! I’m Mark, founder of Headspace Coaching. I’m a qualified coach, trainer, and learning & development consultant who has been providing these services since 2012.  I've developed this retreat as my way of passing on this vital knowledge and wisdom which I've shaped into my own wellbeing philosophy and has made such a difference to my life (and kept me free of depression). I hope you'll enjoy this retreat and be inspired to apply what you learn to lead a happier, healthier life. Find out more about me and my credentials here. To see more photos of where you'd be staying check out the Gallery.

Your Invitation

To reserve your place on this retreat please contact me using the form below stating which room you'd like (for photos of the rooms please see Gallery). I will send you a booking form, the T&Cs, and you'll be required to pay a 20% deposit (refundable up to fourteen days before the start date). Once paid you will receive your pre-retreat pack and all further relevant information. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 


Master bedroom (en suite):      Only £199
G/F Double:                              Only £169 
Twin / Single:                            Only £139 
Non-residential:                        Only £119  

*Prices include the course and bed & breakfast for one night, unless booking 'Non-residential' which just includes the course and other features as listed above. Bed & breakfast is available for more nights - please ask if interested.

I'm interested in some Headspace...

Thanks for your interest. I will reply as soon as possible. Mark

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