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A delicious duck recipe for when summer feel like autumn

When summer feels more like autumn I hunger for autumnal food. This is a favourite BBC Good Food recipe of mine: duck leg, in a red wine sauce. It’s wonderfully simple.

You season the leg with Chinese Five Spice, salt and pepper, and bake it in the oven for an hour (at 190 C / gas mark 5), placing a couple of crushed garlic cloves and some fresh rosemary underneath. I surrounded mine with some Maris Piper mini potatoes. About 45 minutes in you make a sauce with red current jelly, red wine and the leg juices, reduce it down a little and add this in with the leg, basting the potatoes with the fat off the duck. After about 1 hour take it out and let it rest 5 minutes (so important to get the best flavour from poultry).

I served mine with garden kale in butter and garlic and choose Aldi’s excellent Toro Loco Reserva 2017 to accompany it. It added up to being one of the tastiest plates of food I’ve eaten all month, one I would happily have paid £20 for if I'd been in a restaurant. Very tasty but easy to cook - the perfect combination (not least because I’d made the sauce previously and frozen it 😊). If you like duck, and don’t want to have to faff about, this recipe is for you. Here’s the link:

I may well have to add this to the menu of dishes I serve clients on my three day personal life coaching retreats. To see examples of the kind of cooking I can treat you to check out the Gallery, and for information on the retreats and what you could get out of them see:

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