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Discover if you've got the right balance to your life, work, or career with the Peak Experiences Triangle

Updated: Apr 12

Headspace Coaching’s Peak Experiences Triangle (or PET) is a great tool for helping you work out whether you’re doing enough of what really satisfies you in your life, work, or career, so you can then take action.


You plot all the activities, projects, jobs, tasks, (etc) that you currently do, or have been doing over the past couple of weeks, work out how much time they’ve taken, and reflect on their distribution on the triangle.  The resulting activity map enables you to compare the amount of time you’re spending on tasks and activities which don’t engage you, or demotivate you, with those that most engage and energise you, and give you ‘flow’ (engagement on steroids) or ‘FLENERGY’ - Flow, Engagement and Energy.


These latter high-engagement activities will be at the top of the vertical 'Engagement' axis with the very best - those you consider most meaningful or aligning with your purpose – clustering around the peak of the triangle.  Low engagement activities will fall towards the base and bottom corners of the horizontal 'Purpose / Calling' axis. 


By comparing the clusters of activities you’ve plotted, and the amount of time you’re spending on high versus low engagement tasks and activities you’ll quickly realise why you may not be as satisfied with your life/work/career as you had hoped. This could be just the prompt you need to take action. Perhaps you could delegate more, explore opportunities for obtaining more ‘FLENERGY’ inside or outside of work, or maybe you need to change roles altogether?  Perhaps it shows that you take on too much of the housework and you need to ask your partner to do more. Whatever you decide a good coach will be able to help you.


Conversely, the results may reinforce to you that you are doing enough of what gives you ‘FLENERGY’ and your balance of high to low engagement activities is about right (life will always involve some low engagement activities after all). Thus indicating there is little you want to change. Good for you if that’s the case!


Why not download the triangle, see what it reveals to you (the instructions on the back will make more sense I promise!), and leave your comments below?  You can download it for free, here.

Are you a manager, or run a business? There is a PET for teams too, where the 'Purpose' (horizontal) axis is replaced with 'Mission & Values'.  You can download for free here. Why not offer it to your team members to try out?

Please do refer it to others in your network if you think they’ll find it useful.  


And if as a result of using the Peak Experiences Triangle you figure some life coaching, career coaching, or team coaching would be a benefit please contact me for a free introductory consultation

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