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How a 'special' bottle of wine taught me a valuable life lesson: not to leave things too late

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

The 2012 Dao I left a little too late.

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a ‘special’ bottle of wine. It was an award-winning 2012 Dao I bought while on holiday in Madeira in 2015 which I’d cellared for 8 years, the second longest time I’ve laid down a wine for.  I’d read that Dao's age well so I’d kept it, meaning to save it for a special occasion.  As ever, the occasion never seemed to come, or I found another way to mark it, so the bottle remained in storage, gathering dust. Until a few weeks ago, when after a particularly intense period of work I decided it was time to finally treat myself – and a friend - to it.


So how was it? It was very tasty thank you very much, with a flavour profile much better than your average £10 bottle of red. But not that much better. And while me and my friend enjoyed it, I wasn't as blown away by it as I was expecting to be, having allowed 8 years to soften and mellow its tannins.


My conclusion: I’d left it a little too late and it had passed its peak. I'd read that its ideal drinking window was 2018 - 2022. While drinking it I detected some small traces of oxidization, and while the wine had certainly ‘opened up’ and was pleasantly smooth, it was a tad more acidic than it should have been, dulling the fruit, and reducing its juiciness and overall impact.


The lesson from this? If things have a specific period when it’s best to enjoy them enjoy them. Don’t keep putting off the moment in search of the right time; that time may never come. The consequence of waiting may be the opportunity recedes, or like a once good wine, the quality of it diminishes.


So this Christmas if you’ve been putting off opening that special bottle of wine in favour of giving it one more year to improve, when it's drinking well now, take my advice and just enjoy it.  And while savouring all its qualities, hopefully in the company of the people who matter most to you, perhaps reflect on what else in your life you’ve been delaying doing and resolve to take actions on those things if not now then in 2024. A new year is the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve learned and to set goals and make plans. That way the life experiences you truly want are much more likely to yield to you and you won’t risk leaving them too late.

While you're more than capable of manifesting the life you want a life coach can provide you with a level of support and challenge that can increase its likelihood. For information on my coaching services please contact me or see my website.

Wishing all my readers a merry Christmas and an excellent 2024.

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