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Why spring is a great time to retreat to Cornwall to plan the year ahead.

After the latest storm and deluge you would be forgiven if you thought we were still in winter. But spring is here. The sun is longer in the sky, birds are singing, wild-flowers blooming, and trees re-cloaking themselves in splendid green.    


Life and work may seem a continuum of demands that pay no heed to the seasons but is that true of us, who once spent most of our lives outside?  According to Chinese medicine summer is the season of expansion and growth, autumn, the season of cooling down, winter a time for retreat and introspection, and spring the season of birth and renewal.


As spring unfolds and the amount of daylight increases our energy levels increase accordingly, allowing us to be more active and productive.  So even though we associate the beginning of a new year in January with resolving our plans for the year to come, paradoxically it’s not the optimum time for such deliberations. Spring is; you can feel it in your bones.  Interestingly, until 1752 and the introduction of the Julian calendar, the new year actually began in spring - on the spring equinox - to align the year with the seasons. That the financial year begins in spring is quite appropriate (giving accountants yet more reason to be smug).


If you are in business, Q4, may have been a feverish time preparing end of year accounts and budgeting for the new financial year. With Q1 getting underway in April the next couple of months are a great time to review the year that’s gone (if you haven’t done so already) and make plans for how you and the team plan to tackle the year ahead, having a clearer idea of your budget. It’s an opportune time to schedule away days and other team building events, making the most of all of spring’s advantages, ahead of the busyness of summer.


Even if you’re not in business, just work for one, or work for yourself, allow me to encourage you to make the most of all that spring offers while there’s time, by packing yourself off to a coaching retreat in Cornwall.  There are few better places to refresh mind and body, discover solutions to problems that have been nagging you all winter, set goals for the year ahead, or find new inspiration of what you are truly capable of and the direction you want to take you or your business, in.


On a Headspace coaching retreat you’ve full use of a stylish house near the sea (that can host others if you’ve people in mind). All your needs are catered for and you set the agenda. Coaching sessions take place in the conservatory or on walks allowing you to cast off the stresses of home or work, and tune in to your full creative potential. Outside of sessions your well-being will get an effortless boost, with opportunities to swim, run, cycle, surf, kayak, paddleboard, do yoga, take boat trips, visit cafes or gardens, and eat delicious food, at the venue or one of Falmouth’s excellent restaurants.


If that isn’t enough, since I also offer B&B, you can extend your stay either side of a retreat to make the most of being in Cornwall during springtime.  It's a splendid time to be here. Cliff-tops and woodlands are awash with colour, beaches and towns are uncrowded, and there are plenty of events too including food festivals at Porthleven (21 – 23 April) and St.Ives (12-14 May), and the famous Padstow ‘Obby ‘Oss (1 May), and Helston Flora Day (5 May), you could coincide your trip with.


So work out your year ahead and plan all the exciting things your future could have in store while giving yourself a rejuvenating boost on a Headspace Coaching retreat in Cornwall this spring.  For more details or to arrange a free consultation contact or see the website.

PS. Were you aware of Headspace' Coaching's business services? See this page for details.

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