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The right environment helps you to grow

Headspace Retreats

Our personal development retreats enable people to positively transform themselves. We believe that’s best achieved when you can choose the retreat format that suits you, and that the best retreats are small, personal, and give you the right environment in which to grow.  Choose from:

  • 'Life Re-creation' Wellbeing Retreat for 3-6 people.

  • Follows a set programme and has set dates.

  • For those who find personal development in small groups appealing.

  • One to one over 2 - 3 days.

  • Programme co-created with you.

  • Dates negotiable.

  • For those for whom two's a company, more is a crowd.

All our retreats take place at our venue 'Penwithe' in wonderful Falmouth, Cornwall.

The Venue


‘Penwithe’ is a stylish house with a big garden and plenty of space that can accommodate up to four guests. You’re free to use all its facilities, cover the walls in flipchart paper and stickies during retreat workshops, or relax in the conservatory after taking a walk, run, cycle, or swim in your free time. Sight-seeing cool Falmouth or heading out for a meal in one of its excellent restaurants is easy -  the centre is less than a 15 minute walk away. Check out the Gallery for more pics.

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